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Chapter 4

Priscilla's p.o.v

I was right in my room reading my books when i got a knock on the door ,it was dad he smiled and walked in .

"Angel " he called

I got up to him.

"Dad " I smiled

"Your still studying? He aksed .
"Just a bit" I replied and he chuckled.

He pulled me to seat with him on my bed

"Umm..angel there's something I need to tell you " he said

I nodded for him to go on.

"You see ..your uncle Samuel Chubiyo called me yesterday and told me he would like me to come to London ..this weekend...he said he got a job for me and that could pay me well he also said we could live at his house as I work " dad explained

I frowned,no way ...what will happen to Mystic ,I can't leave him.
" ..I can't leave Mystic ..." I said .

"Yes child not asking you to leave him...I just want to ask you if you would love to go ...cause I will be leaving after your graduation.....he even booked both of our tickets already" dad said.

Oh my gosh ...but I can't go what will happen to Mystic .and me..I won't see him for a long time ... no i can't.

"Dad...."I called .

"Calm down angel ...why don't you talk with Mystic ..maybe he could let you stay with them while I go ....his family really loves you and am sure they will be glad to keep you " he said.

I suddenly smiled ...but I will miss my dad so much .

"Alright dad sure they will accept...and I will tell mystic about it on graduation day " I replied.

He smiled and touched my cheek .

"Alright angel....I will miss you alot you know...but I will surly come to visit" he said .

I smiled.
"I will miss you too dad...thank you so much for trusting Mystic and our really means a lot to me " I said .

"It's nothing angel ...I would go now have some sleep" he said and got up .

"Sure dad" I replied.

"And make sure you lock your balcony very well and switch of your phone before that monkey climb's here again " dad said and I laughed.

"Goodnight angel " he kissed my hair .

"Night dad " I said and he left .

Well graduation you better come quickly,and also I need to tell Mystic about my dad's traveling.
Am so Happy my dad understood my worry cause long distance relationship could kill someone.

I was in the kitchen trying to make some pancake when the door bell rang .

I rushed to open it and there stood no one else but my one and only, the King ? of my heart whom my heartbeat for..Mystic he looks so handsome and fresh in his simple causal wear I jumped on him hugging him so tight he chuckled.

"Baby seem like you've seen a ghost" he said .

"Of course not ...I wasn't expecting you "i said and pulled him inside closing the door

"Common go change am taking you out " he said.

"Out? I aksed happily.

"Yes ...out " he said and I laughed .

"Okay " I said .

"Hurry " he said and I rushed upstairs to get dressed .

I later came back wearing a red flaw gown above my knee and a flat red shoe I tie my hair up in a ponytail.

And I took my chain bag and rushed out he was just staring at my outfit.

" look so beautiful baby "he said coming to kiss my lips ..I blushed .

"Thanks " I said shyly

"I love it when you blush " he teased making me to frown and he chuckled.

"Mystic. .." I playfully hit his arm .

"Common baby let's go " he held my waist and we walked out of the house .

His driver Alex was holding a white beautiful hairy......wait ! This is my dog ! It's my my new dog .

"It's my dog ? I said happily and rushed to grab it from Alex he chuckled.

"I knew you would like it" he said kissing my nose .

"Thanks's really beautiful than I thought" I said rubbing the skin of the dog.

"Common we should go " he opened his expensive Mercedes for me and I got in he also got in and Alex drove off .

We went to the cinema we watched Ant man ,oh gosh that film is so interesting.

Then he took me to a restaurant we ate and talk and laughed, even a lady of about 23 or so was flirting with Mystic as old as she is ..but thank goodness mystic didn't even look at her his eyes was on me the whole time and I keep blushing all the time ...gosh my boyfriend is so cute that elderly girls are even gawking at him ...yuk!...and also his fealty rich so what do I expect?. Dress Affordable short homecoming party wears specially for tall girls

After there we went for ice cream where I and Mystic spilled it on each other and him snapping a picture of me all the time ,and I kept blushing.

We also went to the beach were we ran after each other and play ...I really enjoyed my moment ...he later asked me what I would love to call my pet ,I said I would call her belly he chuckled and said it's okay ....I just eyed him later Alex took a picture of us with me and Mystic hugging the little cute dog .

I was so can I ever leave such a wonderful person....Mystic is my world.

? ? ?