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READ ME!!!!!! *IMPORTANT INFO and $15 GIFT CARD UP FOR GRABS!!!! Ashley Hatch you win!!! Message me for you gift card!

Alright people...we have GOOD news and we have BAD news...the GOOD news guys had GREAT suggestions on my post yesterday of what you would like to see at The MOB! The other GOOD news is I have the MAJORITY of the stuff you guys have asked me to carry!
Here is the BAD news...MOST of you didn't know I carried most of the stuff i do!! ???? ???? ???? ???? I know...i s ... creamed a little in fright too! SO, my dear loves-- Here is the breakdown of the things that were most asked for that I do have in stock!

? Distressed Jeans: I currently have some distressed crop in stock that are to DIE for!!
Snag them here>
? Tops that aren't floral: I currently have 49 tops that ARE NOT floral! Shocker?!
Check them out Here>>>
? Plus size clothing: I do have some clothing in XL-XXL. But guess what? Plus size section...Coming SOON!!! keep an eye out!
? Bermuda Shorts: I currently have 6 different washes/colors of bermudas in stock right now! Check them out here>>>
? Knee Length Dresses and Skirts: I have 9 different Dress styles in stock that are knee length! Check them out here>>
AND knee length skirts I have 11 different styles in stock! Check them out here>>>
? More Hats: I currently have 25..YES 25 Different colors/styles of hats in stock! Check them out Here>>
? Different Styles of Shirts: I have TEN pages of tops on the site!!! PAGES people....10 of them! Check them out here>>>
? Peplum Tops: I have 7 Peplum Styles! Check them out here>>>
? Double Hoods: I have 14 different styles of double hoods in stock! Check them out here>>>
?? Swimwear! I DO carry swimwear! I have some in stock and will be opening up one last order this evening !!!!!

I hope this helps a little!!! Now, this doesn't fully cover what everyone wanted...BUT hopefully it helps a tad!
Everything i post new every day goes right on the website! So you can purchase things day or night! You don't have to wait for me! And, If you sign up for the rewards you will get dollar for dollar points on everything you spend. AND you get 200 points just for signing up! Pretty much everything i have in stock is on the site! So if you don't want to wait for me to respond, just check it out on the site! black lace prom dresses
NOW, who wants to win $15 gift card!
Heres how:
1. Go check out the site ( )
2. Sign up for the rewards program(it'll be a little tab on the bottom left side)
3. Comment below that you have done so!
4. Each dollar spent in the next 24 hours counts as an entry. (Whether on the site or by invoice).
5. Tag a friend for an extra entry.
Winner for this and the What you want post will be chosen tomorrow evening at 5pm MST.
Love you guys!!!

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