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It takes years as a woman to unlearn what you have been taught to be sorry about ???? ????
Amy Poehler

I adore this project. It has always made me so sad to know how hard it is for women in regards to society's standards of what beauty is. I grew up bullied because I was too tall and lanky and because of my deep "manly" voice. I have talked to many women about all of the struggles they deal with and it drives me crazy. When I was at my lowest weight (mind you I am 5"11) only 112 pou ... nds because of how sick I was. I had to try on dresses in a boutique to get ready for my brothers wedding and I will never forget how self conscious I felt but what truly scared me was hearing all of the women who were in the store asking my mama what was my secret how did I lose weight to have such an "amazing" and "perfect" figure and how they would do anything to have my body. It broke my ?? Women's magazines are covered in articles discussing different ways to lose weight and how to change this and that in order to be deemed beautiful and therefore worthy. It is insane!! Summer is here and what is it that you always hear and what is plastered everywhere in magazines and online: tips and tricks on how to slim down to get that perfect " beach body" I know of 10 year old girls who are already dieting. When I was a child I didn't even know what a calorie was. In the modeling industry yes there are women who are successful models but they are placed into the category of plus size models. I mean come on. I remember Kate Moss being quoted saying nothing tastes as good as skinny feels. Also it goes further than just weight. There are so many issues women are judged by race, hair type, what one wears, and the list goes on and on. So this video is just beautiful and really made me happy to see. God bless all of these beautiful unique women who are in the video and all of the women who are working to make the project! I love it! blue wedding dress
Yes let's take back the beach ????
Women are not trends women are human beings ???? ????
I hope this video inspires everyone and that you take the time to watch it and hopefully share it ???? ????
# iamallwoman # takebackthebeach

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