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Around 1980 (when I was about 26 years old) I was manger of the Navy Exchange system, Sub Base, Groton. I was highly instrumental in the design and building of the current Navy Exchange facility, from it's very scattered retail buildings spread across the Sub Base, then without continuity, into one modern and expansive building. Part of my perks, were the use of military entitlements, such as the "Officers Club," which was directly adjacent to the Sub Base "Captain's residenc ... e" and directly across from the golf course, with vista views of the Thames River. The Officers Club has since been torn down, unfortunately. On Friday evenings (around 5 pm), my close friend and colleague ( Jennie Lee Aitkenhead O'Donnell please take note), used to leave our retail facilities and go to the "Chief's Club" for .75 cent cocktails of your choice from 5 to 6:30 pm, after which we would then invite our wives to join us at the Officers Club for dinner at 6:30 pm. Imagine, that in an elegant setting, with porters dressed in military garb (about one porter per every two tables) offered a lavish buffet with all of the King Crab legs and Prime Rib you could eat for $9.99 per person. Drinks (of any kind), top shelf martinis, brandy or anything else desired were $1.25 per drink. The entire evening (including our private jaunt to the Chief's Club), with a generous tip, used to cost us about $50 to $60 dollars a couple. New Years Eve was elegant, with a full military Jazz band, lovely dinner and an open bar for four hours, party favors and breakfast at the end, for $75 dollars per couple... Wow, how times have changed..... cocktail for party with royal blue color

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