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From my inbox listen what happened to the two ladies its a TrueStory: Stripped naked
*Shamed for wearing a mini

It was my graduation dinner from college and I was so excited. I went shopping with my friend at a nice boutique in Northmead and we bought short, tight dresses with matching heels in readiness for the event. We spent the afternoon getting ready and wanted to look our best.


The dinner was at the new government complex building just opposite Kamwala Shopping Complex. It was due to start at 6 pm we wanted to get to the venue an hour before so that we could meet up with our boyfriends and have a few shots of tequila before the dinner.

We got on a bus into town and from Kulima Tower Bus station we jumped on another bus going to UTH and got off at Kamwala. This bus stop has a lot of call boys and kaponyas selling different merchandise. As we got off the bus one of them screamed, “Ama Hule!! Eimwe mwebalelenga ati tulefwa na HIV Ba stupid! Nalakuto**a.”

My friend shouted back at him. The next second five of them surrounded her and started pulling off her dress. They were shouting “Amahule!!” I was scared they would do the same to me so I ran and got into the complex building. This was while my friend was lying down naked in front of everyone. She was rescued by some women wearing chitenge material. They covered her naked body and paid for her cab back into UNZA. country lace wedding dress

Our night and our graduation was ruined, we didn't even attend the event. I hate kaponyas! Wearing fitting and short clothes does not mean I am a b***h or I want to entice someone to sleep with me! I have a boyfriend I am not interested in these men.

But I like to look good, I am comfortable in them and my boyfriend likes them on me!

It is hard to find the right line between being modern and respecting your culture. It is a girl’s right to dress how she wants and it does not mean she is looking for sex, is flirting or asking for comments! But being street smart means you always stay safe. Sometimes it’s wise to cover up on the street until you get to the party - then you can wow them with your clothes.

What's your say, does a girl have the right to wear what she wants without being attacked?

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