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Do you remember? 13 years ago today on the 26th of June, the hottest day of the year, we shielded our guests under beach umbrellas and took our vows in Rafina. You almost fainted. Do you remember? Our guests abandoned us for the food and drink and in the confusion, we remained behind without transport. You in your wedding dress , me in my best suit - we watched the next ceremony, a christening. Their guests, puzzled at why this couple in wedding gear was there to witness their ... child's sanctification. Later, we danced on the beach and our friends danced around us. We hardly ate anything all day. Do you remember? Do you remember us finally eating at McDonalds? It was straight out of a comedy. This comedy has continued for 4745 days since then. Each day is fun, some are tough but still leaps of fun. Look at what we made - from zero - against all odds - against all who had no faith. We prove to them each day that as long as we have faith in eachother, we will be always be we and ours will always be ours. I love you disney wedding dresses Maria . Happy 13th anniversary.

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