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“Patty Mills invites Luke and Allen family in San Antonio Spurs inner sanctum in NBA”
(Chris Dutton, Canberra Times)

Mother of two Natalie Allen hoped picking up a book about basketball would help her son fall in love with reading. The last thing she expected was for it to spark an NBA dream while sitting courtside to watch Patty Mills. evening garments of the formal style

Mills threw open the San Antonio Spurs' doors to the Allen family after eight-year-old Luke won an all access pass to get a red-carpet experience in the glitz and glamour world of the NBA.

Canberra junior Mills offered the prize as part of the release of his 'Game Day!' book series, which hit close to home for western Sydney's Chisholm Catholic Primary School student Luke.

"I really want to play in the NBA one day and when I met Patty it made me want to be a NBA player even more," Luke said.

"Patty is such a nice guy, he gave us so much stuff. It was so cool watching him play and beat the Sacramento Kings and Denver Nuggets."

Natalie didn't know Mills' 'Game Day!' series existed until she went searching for a basketball book for Luke's book week costume.

"He dressed up as Patty for the book parade and just loved it," Natalie said.

"Patty gave some shoes to Luke as well, the ones that had references to [Eddie] Mabo]. It was such an awesome experience ... and Luke's face was unbelievable. His eyes were bursting the whole night."…/patty-mills-invites-luke…