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“Toast,” and other ‘leave a trace’ information from a singularly unique day, 2 Mar.

This day saw the zenith of frustration with the current international banking system. It started the process with a call to my bank and speaking with the very pleasant and helpful Karina (sp?). While I have nothing but respect and gratitude for your efforts, your bank started my day off on a bad foot.

Several humans tried to help at the first physical bank, a hyphenated firm in Siler City. Some helped more than others. Sadly, the bank was not fully staffed on a payday. Jill, the manager, was pleasant but deferred action to others. Bronna also try to help. Unfortunately, you did not own it, either.

Next teller up? That would be the # epicoversharing Theresa. What an amazing human you are. You and your fellow coworker, a wavy-haired brunette who also wore an all black outfit this day, are absolutely amazing. Both of your pre-disposition for customer service, epic attitudes and killer smiles will land you in rarified air if you # choosewisely . # welldone by both of you!

There was another customer, remarkably also dressed in all black -- down to the thongs on her feet -- with long straight black hair like yours Theresa, whose actions will land her in that same rarified air. You were remarkably radiant and quite curious. Thank the Creator you are not a cat, as your curiosity earned you # constructivecredit . товарищи, despite all this goodness, this bank failed their staff. While I may have walked away empty-handed, I will not let the right employees be held hostage by their institution’s failure.

Equally so, I will not praise the institution for the employees’ success where I actually received my money. That said, that team was just plain awesome. Paul, the manager -- and # dude -- who greeted me helped his charges properly and promptly conduct the transaction while ensuring they knew the steps to take. That, товарищи, is how a leader properly leads. Tina and Denisha were both exceedingly helpful, with Denisha doing most of the heavy lifting. All three of your attitudes were remarkably impressive.

Even better than your attitudes, however, was the site that awaited me as I left the bank, at 1442. I knew something was afoot and took an apparently random picture to peg the date, time, and location. While backing out of my spot, I saw you, an incredibly radiant blonde, curiously also dressed in all black, walking west along Roberson St. towards S Goldsboro St. I immediately knew that you were the real reason I had to drive so far and suffer all that frustration this day. Your outfit, black shoes, over black pantyhose, underneath what appeared to be a black skirt/dress, underneath a black coat, highlighted your beautiful and wavy shoulder-length gold locks. You were, simply, golden colored items to wear for party of the evening # radiantaf and clearly a # nearpeer .

Other ‘drive-by’ interactions from this day include:
- 1220. The stunning and epically gracious brunette crossing MLK Jr. Blvd. in Siler City. You were on your phone and walking north on N. 2nd Ave. while I was stopped at the light. You started crossing in front of me before realizing you were crossing against the green light. I saw you observe your surroundings and realize your error. So I waved you on, not wanting you to wait in the middle of the street. You immediately and graciously thanked me, quickly continued crossing and then, as you were almost fully across the road, looked back over your shoulder and waved a second time. # exceedinglywelldone # honestgraciousness # trustableinallthings
- 1240. A stunning brunette at the first physical bank I visited this day. You were wearing red slip-on shoes, jeans and a light gray sweater with black accents -- which highlighted your long straight hair. You had a nose stud in your right nostril, spent some time looking at your phone (which had a mint-colored protective case), and were a few people behind me in line. Not sure why, but I sure loved your vibe. I was sad to see you leave the bank about 15 minutes after you entered without us speaking.
- товарищи, sometimes the most obvious answer, isn’t. In purchasing lunch, I stood in line behind a stunning brunette wearing a top the same color as my sweater. I even commented on it. Other than her asking me for the time, there was no further connection. That expected connection? It was with the epic human behind the counter. I have all the patience and love in the world for people with good hearts, and this human absolutely # nailedit . She was the store manager, and makes an exceedingly long commute. She even does so on weekends, when she is not scheduled but when her charges often need help. Again, an example of exactly what proper leadership looks like.

The night’s adult beverage was a healthy dose of super smooth Teeling in a labeled glass. It was in honor of epic humans who joyously live within excessive constraints but still manage to # ripit , those who just plain know that the right way to do business (e.g., getting to ‘done’) is to take care of others first while treating them like humans and giving them the benefit of the doubt, and those who put others’ needs above excessive limitations and/or restrictions placed by those who don’t fully understand but appear to be trying to help. Cheers!