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They gave their consent quite alright but not
total commitment into the relationship but I
guess it was because of what I did earlier
which I believe will fade away over time.
Me: so, what did you discussed with my mum
on phone?
Biola: why do you want to know?
Me: Am your husband of course and I need to
know everything
Biola: Husband ko, Husband ni? U don pay for
my dowry? Wait till after 5weeks before saying
Me: So, you wont tell me abi?
Biola: I wont oo…its mother and daughters
talk or did I ask you what you discussed with
them too?
We turn it to joke and played with it, I tried to
find out what she discussed with my mum but
she didn’t tell me despite pleading with her at
a stage. We shifted discussion to plan for the
wedding, how the day was going to look like,
the financial implication, the guest and all the
necessary things needed for that day. We
started making list of what we will require for
the day and ended the night with a romantic
and lovely s-x, it was even Biola that initiated
the s-x to mark the good news of what
happened earlier in the day and we renewed
our vow all over again.
Wedding preparation was in top gear; virtually
everybody in my office was aware of my
engagement even though our plan was a low
key engagement because of what happened
earlier. We were both happy that finally our
dream was coming through. Biola was
virtually the happiest person on earth during
this period as have never seen her so happy
like that before.
We already delivered all the content of the list
they gave us from Biola’s house, even though
most of the things they requested for was on
a high side, we were able to beat it down. The
most surprising thing out of it all was when
Biola’s dad said he was not going to collect
the bride price from me as he was not selling
his daughter to me.
The wedding day was already here; all
preparation was from my parent house. We
left as early as 8am as the program was
suppose to start by 10am. We got there by
past 9am and it was even a surprise that
Biola’s dad was not fully dressed. My parent
and I went through the back door to greet
Biola’s parent and most especially her
grandma who made the day possible for us…..
Biola’s Mum: Oko Iyawo
Me: Yes mummy
Biola’s Mum: Congratulations…your mind is at
rest now abi, your wife is finally coming home
to you
Me: All thanks to you Ma…May God continue
to bless you for us Ma
Biola’s Mum: Amen Dear…your wife is inside
oo, they are still dressing up, will you go in to
see her
Me: No need Ma, she will still come out ma
Biola’s Mum: Abi ooo..have you seen Daddy?
Me: Yes Ma..i saw him on our way coming in
Biola’s Mum: okay
It was a great engagement as we seriously
enjoyed ourselves unlike what happened
between me and Mary, my dad and Biola’s
dad later loose up and I was surprise that
Biola’s dad knows how to dance that much.
What we thought was going to be a small
engagement later turn out to be a large one
as people were much, even those that I never
expected will make it that day was present and
graced our wedding. It was truly an
atmosphere of Joy.
We left with our wife around 6pm to my
parent house, we got home around seven pm,
some guest that couldn’t make it to my in-
law’s house came to greet us at home, I was
seriously tired and had to pull off my agbada
and shoe that moment as I was on slippers. It
was around past 8 when I was told some 3
guys were asking of me outside. I went out to
meet them and I was surprised that neither
not that I don’t know any of them but their
mode of dressing doesn’t show they came to
greet us for the wedding….
Me: Good evening oo
Man: Good evening…..Are you Mr snakie?
Me: may I help you?
Man: We are from the state CID (flashed his ID
Card), your presence is needed in our office
Me: For what? What did I do?
Man: Once you get to our office you will
Me: But at least you should tell me my offence
(Raising my voice to call attention)
My Dad: What happened?
Me: They said they are police and am wanted
in their office but they wouldn’t tell me my
My Dad: Sorry Officers, what exactly is going you can see, today is his wedding and
its not suppose to be spoilt this way, you
should be able to tell us his offence and why
he is needed in your office
Second man: Thank You sir, he will know his
offence once he get to the office, we are only
respecting him because we see him as a
gentle man, we expect him to keep quiet
because whatever he say now will be use
against him in the court of law
My Dad: This is serious…which station are you
“crowd already gathered at us, I looked into
Biola’s face and she was looking confused”
Man: From the state CID can meet us
there sir
Before I knew what was happening, they
already brought hand cuff and put it on my
hand, I was still dragging with them as they
put me behind the Honda halla they parked
outside, there was a driver in the car already
waiting for them, they didn’t even wait for
other people to meet us outside before they
zoomed off………………. Stay tune episode 12 loading story begins now hahahahah I still remain CJ