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Pauline comes from Ipswich in the land of Q
And dresses in red, white and blue.
She served the locals fish and chips ...
With venom dripping from her lips.

Her skin is white, her hair is red.
She'll find a boogie man under your bed.
Muslims, Asians, autistics too
They're all coming after you.

One Nation is the party Pauline founded;
Very patriotic (or so it sounded).
It eventually crashed and burned to embers
When the law found out it had no members.

She shot a vid in which she said,
"If yoos are seein' this I'm dead".
We all thought her embalmed and anointed
Only to be disappointed.

She rose like a Phoenix from her spell in jail
And headed black to the campaign trail
"Lazarus is risen!" Said the press
As she pranced around in a short tight dress .

Pauline has an aeroplane
Bought for her by wotz is name
Her memory went down the drain
When 4 Corners said to, "Please explain".

Those who seek to rule with fear
Should not be given voice or granted ear.
She moves to power through separation
With her party that she calls One Nation.

Lessons fill our recent history
Baghdad, Serbia, Germany
I gaze and smile at a silver sea
From a land where we are one and all are free...
(for now)

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