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So today, my sister asked a young lady if she was married as though she did not know ???? . Well, the lady in question is not married, and my sis started talking about her(the lady's) wedding as though it would hold next month. She started considering what hairdo she and the bride would wear. She said I'd be chief bridesmaid . I love to play along with my li'l girl, plus I love the idea of being a bridesmaid . So I began talking about what colour and style of dress I'd wear. I'm to ... rn between cream and ivory ???? .

Now what's the point of this my gist? I'm telling you that if you'd have the faith of a child, if you'd see your dreams as though they were right before you, life would be easier.

You're looking forward to meeting the right person and walking the aisle with him or her. Right? The next time you walk past a bridal shop(or whatever it's called), go in there, check out some wedding gowns and ask about their prices. Yes, take that step of faith, sister! lace back wedding dresses
Brother, start thinking about what concept to use for your pre-wedding shoot... decent photos, please. I don't want to see pictures that'd make me and the others believe you and bae have been doing some 'works' behind the scene.

Have faith. Be of good cheer. Rest in Jesus, the Lover of our souls.

# ElectaAlen

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