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I know some of you might be thinking "$32 for a little dress ?"

Hear me out...

For anyone who hasn't heard about DotDotSmile it's because the company is still in the growing stages which is why I am SO excited about sharing it with you.


DotDotSmile clothing is made in the USA- in the LA Fashion District and the company is now creating their own prints and has even collaborated with an artist (Hello Tosha Design Co.) for hand-drawn designs. All prints are limited release so it makes each piece extra special and unique.

The dresses all include a full circle skirt, which is a fancy way of saying they twirl out when your little one spins. This is just ONE reason little girls (and I) love them!

Next let's talk about the quality-- it is outstanding! I spend a lot of money on the kids outfits and I am constantly replacing clothes because they just don't hold up very well, especially when they are washed. This is not the case with DotDotSmile. You can wash this over and over and it will still look brand new! No fading, no shrinkage, no pilling, etc. Just be sure to wash on cold and hang dry!

DotDotSmile typically comes in two types of fabric: a buttery soft, brushed fabric and a lightweight, silky fabric. Both are incredible for little ones because they are just so comfortable. These fabrics are amazing for kids with skin sensitivities or even sensory issues! They are perfect to wear for any occasion. Beautiful enough for dressing up and comfortable enough for playtime. It's the best of both worlds.

DotDotSmile stands behind their product and they're constantly trying to make them better. Currently, rompers are going through a little redesign and they are working on putting bloomers in smaller size dresses to cover up diapers in the near future. They make sure they send out only the highest quality items to their merchandisers. If something doesn't pass QC, it gets pulled and they will put those items on backorder until they can send us something better. long floor-length wedding bridal dresses

One of my favorite things about DotDotSmile is that the dresses are so stretchy, so they will fit for a really long time. (I mean they are so stretchy, I can wear a 12/14, which we will be coming back out with soon! It's crazy!) When they get too short to wear as a dress , throw some leggings or jeans on underneath and they make the cutest little peplum top. If you have more than one girl, they can pass them down to little sis since they hold up so well. So awesome!

For those of you yet to try DotDotSmile, give it a shot! I promise you and your girl will LOVE it, but fair warning, you might become addicted.

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