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Today marks 1 year w/G ???? The night G, asked me out. It went a little something like this, moms wedding , he caught the garter, I caught the bouquet. A lot of drinks, and a VERY short dress , I've been his ever since.
So, happy anniversary Gare! I love you.
I just wanna say, I am SO thankful for you! Since sometimes I lack at showing it, I'm gonna go over some of the thing I'm thankful for. These things I will be saying will not even come CLOSE, to everything amazing you do.
I' ... m thankful for our bad times, (crazy I know) but I am! They really have taught me just how much of a man you really are. They've also, shown me you're gonna stand by me regardless of the storm, even if you feel like I've given up.
I'm thankful for our adventures, even if they are just is loading up the corolla, with the Golden's every Sunday and heading to the beach , then going to get Ice cream after. Or even Going on our 3 hour Walmart trips to buy groceries.
I'm thankful for the times, that we are pissed off at each other, but you still make sure you kiss me goodnight. Tbh, Sometimes I fake like I'm asleep to to aggravate you... sorry bout dat..
I'm thankful for all the times you tell me I'm beautiful, and strong, Especially when doubting myself.
I'm thankful that in this year, since JUNE 25th 2016- We have NEVER broke up, or been apart from each other. This is one is of the things I am MOST thankful for. It is very important to both of us that we don't cross that line, due to our pasts. We have had SO many obstacles in our way, but we still manage to fight it out, then kiss and make up. I never want to walk away from you, and I know I'm my heart you feel the same. I pray we never lose each other. petite bridesmaid dresses
I'm thankful to be your fiancé, the biggest reason is, I NEVER wanted to get married before you. I just wanted to have a Golden Retriever farm. Marriage wasn't even a thought. BUT now, I feel completely different, I can't wait to marry you! ( and have that golden retriever farm..) btw thanks for being obsessed with Golden's too!
I am completely in love with you. Let's keep this good thing going for years to come. I love you, Garrett

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