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Fob - Foreigners on Board is casting for X-men perfume TV commercial

Shoot dates:- 6th and 7th July
Location: - Mumbai.


Foreigners actors can be from any part of India, we will fly them down for the shoot.

1) Jean-Michel Baptiste – The Main Boss – We are Keeping our Age Group open from 25-60 Years for this character. He can be French or European or Maybe Malaysian Look, a guy with one eye or 3 nostrils, burn marks. petite cocktail dresses
Dress Code - Full Black Suit with proper shoes

2) Camacho--South American-Memorable features– fat-Always Wears a cowboy hat.Age Group: 25-60 years
Dress Code - Full Black Suit with proper shoes.

3) Tinto Japanese mix-Memorable features–Long white hair. Age Group: 25-60 Years
Dress Code - Full Black Suit with proper shoes.

4) Usa usa Muray-African origin-Memorable features–extremly tall, scars on the face. Age Group: 25-60 years

5) Lady With the Boss, Age 40-45, Can be Chinese, African, American, should be fitted with good arms should be able to perform some martial art
Dress Code: Formal Dress

6) Cynthia – the lead girl – preferably be athletic, trained in martial arts, age 25-26, Good Arms, Blonde or Brunette, European origin. Someone who looks like Jennifer Garner. Dress Code: Red Short Dress.

7) Jimmy – He is the New Age Superhero, Man Confidence, Chiselled look, should be a good actor, taller the better. Can be European or American, Younger James Bond. Age: 25-27 Years
Dress Code: Dark Blue or Black Suit with White Shirt.

For details contact our team:-
Karan Sejwal:- 9891451721
Monika:- 9873814337
Shiv:- 9266125124
Ashok:- 9289422131

You can send us your pictures and video introduction or links also at: -

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