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Some people even older and should be wiser still play foolish destructive games. I have forgiven you many times before but today you have proven yourself as the deceitful, destructive Devil that I always knew you to be ...... You are NO LONGER WORTH MY TIME NOR MY SPACE ...... You and your likewise destructive supporters can continue destroying and playing with people's lives ..... NOT MINE AGAIN !!!!!! MY POWER IS IN MY HANDS AND I CHOOSE TO PUT YOU AND YOUR ACCOMPLICES IN GOD'S HANDS AND CLOSE THIS CHAPTER EVER KNOWING YOU OR BEING AFFILIATED WITH YOU !!!!!!! ..... Don't you see how you tried to destroy my life and how it fell back on you ???? pink cocktail dresses Dress up, smile, lie, plot and pretend, my God still exists and will continue to long after you are gone. GOODBYE Evil one !!!!!!!!