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hmmmm this one is tough because some women like myself will tell you they dress the way they feel comfortable with, that however you interprete it is totally your business...


But sometimes it's not true....Sometimes most women who dress erotically know exactly what they are doing! You can't tell me you dressed in a short tight skirt and cleavage revealing top to your married friend's house especially when you know the husband will be around only because you felt Comfortable with that dress.....come on!

Someone asked me ok is it my fault I'm endowed?? Says who? Its not like you can cut it off na... but You can't tell me ALL your clothes reveal your palatable behinds and robust boobs just because it's what you feel comfortable with......who's fooling who?

It's super hot to dress hot but it's also possible to be decent in being hot.....let's review most rich and influential women in the world...Obama's wife for instance; that woman is always hot but always decent and mild in dressing as well...have you ever seen queen Elizabeth dressed anyhow? Nope!

I know there's no excuse for mischeviousness but The way some girls dress atimes makes a guy do what he wouldn't wanna do...I mean come on! If you dress with the sole intention to "kill" you are definitely a "devil"... yes you are.... and you need to stop because those people you are "killing" will still call you cheap after being "killed" short black dresses

You dress to kill and end up killing people's marriage... separating innocent kids from their fathers!!! Sister you are a "devil" nah.....

You dress to kill and you graduate from being a "secretary" to "personal assistant" then to personal mistress" God is watching you ooooo

And if you say your mind is pure and your intentions are innocent then your dressing shouldn't speak otherwise...I'm not saying you should wear a suit to a dinner party ....but you can always wear nice decent, moderately body fitting clothes without having to expose tempting parts of your body and still look very sweet and hot..

You know it!

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