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It's our wedding anniversary! 4 years ago today...Isaac, Isis, & I were in Vegas for our wedding!! And even though I absolutely loved our Vegas wedding, I've told Isaac I wish I could have a wedding with the bod I have now in a sexy wedding dress . So about 3 months ago, while on Passion Island in Mexico during our cruise, Isaac got down on one knee & preposed to renew our vows!! Soooo, for the ones that didn't get to make it to our wedding the first's your chance!! With my parents timeshare, Isaac & I will be able to take advantage of Palace Resorts Complementary Wedding & Honeymoon!!!! We chose short items to wear for older bride of the wedding Beach Palace in Cancun, Mexico!!! ???? ???? ???? ???? ???? ? ???? ???? ???? ?? ???? ???? ???? ???? ???? ?? ?? ???? ????