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Stop creating all these drama on that page. Things should have not ended this way. If u never allowed a devil tempt u to ruin our marriage. There will never be regrets but ur too impulsive. U cant make wise decision. U always fool ur mother with lies. U made that choice. U reap what u sow. You should not desire for me to get hurt or sufer bec God will punish for he can see the truth and what u really feel. Dont punish me! Coz u alweady did broke my heart and tore all our dreams into pieces. U already punished me when u married that dumb girl named Abi. I felt such pain to eee u made her wear the pink lehenga gown we planned for our February 14 wedding, i got hurt when the birthray fruit cake Momsie told me that she will buy for me on my birthday became ur wedding cake when u know theres no wedding cake for Hindu weddings. U made me suffer when i was left all alone to face my obligations while u enjoyed fucking that dumb girl with dirty face. U have no right to hate me. Bec before i allowed u to enter my life u promised me that u will never lie to me and u will never cheat on me. If i punished u during that time. U provoked me to do such things bec u dnt know how it feels to be betrayed by lies by someone whom i have given all my liove and attention but what did i get? Do u think i can still love and trust again? I remained single beci can never give the same love as much as i have given u to any man. But look at u. U can fake love and pretend that u love her just to hurt me. Its bullshit excuse! U never really love anyone bec u dnt know the real meaning of true love. U cant even love and respect ur own father. If u really love me. U will never be happy marrying another dumb girl bec my feelings is more important than fucking a cheap girl who flirts with marred men or who are taken. So stop being fake! Do good and live righteous. End ur fucking shit! vintage style items with lace decorated for a prom