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Right, where can I begin.
My wife carly for the last few years has been living in jogging bottoms and a hoodie due to having seriously negative issues with her body shape and weight hence she wrapped up, covered up and lost almost every scrap of self confidence she had about herself which in turn affected deeply us as a couple. I tried in vain for a very long time to get her to pick herself up, I supported her as best as I can in anything and everything to try and get her con ... fidence up whether that be with diets, gym etc and tried to pick her back up again when the goals she set herself failed such as our wedding , a friend's wedding , our trip to Florida and more where she would set herself a target but couldn't follow due to her not having the motivation to change herself due to her lack of confidence and with every missed goal my beautiful wife got deeper and deeper into a spiral of decent that made me feel terrible as her husband, the one that's supposed to make her feel good about herself. I felt I had failed as a husband, a lover and a friend.
All this were up to about two weeks ago, when I practically dragged her arse out clothes shopping and we both picked out colourful clothes, tops, dresses and for the first time in 7 years since our daughter were born...a bikini, not a costume. Now as bigger breakthrough as this were, the big hurdle would be whether carly would wear them or not in front of absolute strangers (not you girls but others) on a beach or by a pool in a foreign country when we both knew chances are the other women would be so much slimmer than my wife. But I'm happy to say, thanks to you girls encouraging her, giving her words of comfort or complementing her it would seem she has finally turned a corner and you girls have achieved soo much more than I ever have for her confidence in 4 days than I have in years. So I'd like to thank every single one of you for this and for being great friends to her. wedding collections for fat plus size brides
I've never seen her smile so much and seem genuinely happy, not just a front for people to see for a very long time it makes me swell with happiness and joy for her.
So once again, thank you VERY much girls, I owe you all a great debt of gratitude for making my absolutely beautiful wife see herself as the confident, out going, beautiful wife that I met all those years ago.
Carly you are my life, my love, my best friend and I'll always love and support you until the day I'm no longer here xxx

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