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Hello dearies! Are you a worker or work at home mummies, daddies and students? And you are interested in learning how to sew, but don't get where to learn, here is an opportunity for you to become a professional you are learning this following: wedding garments that looks simple but still elegant
Introduction to sewing business
How to cut and sew
How to sew skirt
How to sew ball skirt ...
How to sew circle skirt
How to sew a gown
How to sew shoulder off gown
How to sew skirt and blouse
How to sew iro and buba
How to sew Jacket
How to wedding gown
How to sew bridemaid gown
How to sew a bag
And many more for just #500 join this WhatsApp group if you're interested

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Here is a offer of 4 weekends of freehand cutting of ;
6 pieces blouse
8 pieces blouse
12 pieces blouse
6 pieces dress
You will be trained on how to cut these directly on fabric without going through the stress of using paper

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