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and for the girls (photo from last year's graduation) - what garment to buy for that won't cost much in white color

It's A Girl!

Nursery trimmed in pink and lace; ...
Dimples in her chubby face;
Fingers wrapped around my thumb;
Wondering what there is to come…

Arms wrapped ‘round her teddy bear,
As she sweetly kneels in prayer;
Whisp’ring words to God above,
Blessing those she dearly loves.

Overalls and polka-dot tights;
Tomboy days, and princess nights;
Mispronouncing “grown-up” words;
Funerals for baby birds.

Pigtails traded for French braids;
Brand new dress for her first day;
Off to school – a kiss goodbye.
Not the first of tears I’ll cry.

Boys have cooties; school is fun,
Making friends with everyone.
Playing sports, and dancing, too;
Daddy’s girl, now, through and through.

Slumber parties; double-dates;
Moods that swing like garden gates;
Driver’s license; Junior Prom ;
Sometimes even time for mom.

Plans for college fill her time.
A special guy is on her mind.
Then comes Graduation Day –
When summer ends, she’ll drive away…

Then I’ll feel like I’ve lost a friend;
Since lately that is what we’ve been.
She’s such a lovely woman, now –
I’m letting go…but don’t know how.

So, Lord, I’ll place her in Your care;
Cover her in daily prayer;
Watch to see what she’ll become.
Thank You for this precious one…
My daughter.

©Lisa DeVinney, June 2008

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