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The images & the story behind it.
“Red long dress , holding a toddler. He walked out after argument.
YN left for the event without TH.”
Anger. TH & SK. Jealousy? ...
“Why are you doing this to him?!?”

The attendance & show up as expected.
She showed but his anger had separated them.
Thisel was alone that evening.
SK who was interested met her that night & picked her up.

An aggressive night of scattered formal pieces.
JM who thought it was YN because he had heard.
Sounds overlapped. Her mind replacing his voice while the events occurred with SK.
A plan.

She knew JM & YN were connected.
Does he care? Of who she was with? And who she really wanted to be with?
If he did, jealousy would be incited.
But at the same time she wanted it.
This resulted in the pregnancy of 2011.
James who thought it was YN because he had returned late that night.

TH woke alone.
SK whom she remembered.
The events therefore to secure her place as Mrs. Yin L. Tung.

SK is the father of TH's child.
James whom was the one who begged YN to let him take responsibility having loved her all those years, misunderstanding, was yelled at, until finally learning of his side. what to wearing for wedding in summer

Commence the future affairs of TH & SK of 2012 & 2013.
JM & SA of the future because she learned of SK & TH.


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